PG’s Grocerant Summit: Changing Consumer Thinking

Progressive Grocer | 10/31/2016

Retailers must engage consumers through compelling narratives and inviting experiences, FBS' Dean William Rosenzweig said during a speech at Progressive Grocer's 2016 Grocerant Summit.
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Food Incubator Programs Help Aspiring Cooks and Bakers Build Their Startups From Scratch

Omaha World-Herald | 10/31/2016

In the Omaha, Neb., area, food incubators provide kitchen space to food startups. FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig shares, "It may be easy to launch a food business, but it’s not easy to scale up from a home-based business to one that’s profitable..."
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Change Food Fest Speaker Spotlight: Will Rosenzweig

Change Food | 08/23/2016

FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig is interviewed on how the food landscape has changed; and how FBS is working to put today's entrepreneurs on the path to success as part of 2016 Change Food Fest's "Speaker Spotlight".
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The Business of Giving – The Food Business School

The Business of Giving | 07/05/2016

Denver Frederick, host of The Business of Giving, interviews FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig on The Culinary Institute of America's Food Business School located at the CIA's new campus at Copia in Napa, CA.
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NPR’s Morning Edition – The Food Business School

NPR's Morning Edition, The California Report | 06/03/2016

KQED's Nina Thorsen reports on The Culinary Institute of America's Food Business School located at the CIA's new campus at Copia in Napa, CA.
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10 Trends Set to Reshape the Foodservice Business

Restaurant Hospitality | 05/05/2016

Ten Trends FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig contends will reshape what the food industry will look like in the near future at the UCLA Extension Restaurant Industry Conference.
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Inside Agriculture’s Sustainability Inflection Point

GreenBiz | 05/05/2016

FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig speaks to a group of agriculture entrepreneurs at UC Davis and explains, "Food is in crisis, and we are at an inflection point."
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In a Switch, Big Food Companies Urge Consumers to Eat Less

USA Today | 05/05/2016

FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig shares his insight on why major food companies must shift their consumer focus to health, transparency, climate, and other key factors, or face a declining business.
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Conversation with Will Rosenzweig on Heritage Radio Network: “Eating Matters”

Heritage Radio Network | 03/31/2016

Jenna Liut, host of Heritage Radio Network "Eating Matters", interviews FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig on the future of food systems, policy, entrepreneurship, business, and more.
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6 Take Away Gems From the Food Business School’s “Scale Up”

Edible East End | 03/08/2016

East End chef Colin Ambrose and "Scale Up" Spring 2016 participant reports on his experiences and take away's from The Food Business School's three day "Scale Up" intensive workshop held in New York.
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If You Care About the Future of Food, You Need to Know These 7 People

Bon Appétit | 03/07/2016

Seven people each radically changing the future of food and the way we eat, including William Rosenzweig, Dean and Executive Director of The Food Business School.
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Healdsburg start-up grows, thanks to Food Business School

Press Democrat | 12/02/2015

Sonoma Brinery founder, Dave Ehreth, was one of about 30 successful food entrepreneurs who signed up for one of the first Food Business School classes offered last spring.
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Culinary Institute of America instructor Will Rosenzweig a steward to food entrepreneurs

Press Democrat | 12/01/2015

Walking through the garden at Will Rosenzweig’s Healdsburg farmhouse provides a glimpse at the way this successful entrepreneur and academician approaches the business of food.
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Schools Cook Up Courses on the Food Business

Wall Street Journal | 11/20/2015

Culinary schools and universities are trying to tap into the surging interest in food entrepreneurship with programs aimed at teaching people the ins and outs of the industry.
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The Food Business School: Changing the World Through Food

The Doctor Weighs In | 11/20/2015

Pat Salber's, founder of The Doctor Weights In, interviews FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig on the future of food and business.
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Is Food Technology Going to Save Food? Probably Not.

Re/Code | 11/09/2015

“We are going to have nine billion mouths to feed in the next few years, and what are we going to do about it?” is the kind of question that Silicon Valley loves to answer.
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CNBC’s Powerpitch: Tank to table

CNBC | 11/04/2015

FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig appears as guest judge on CNBC’s Powerpitch—a weekly series on CNBC where CEOs of cutting-edge start-ups have 60 seconds to convince a panel of experts that their business has what it takes to succeed.
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Attention Food Entrepreneurs: School’s Back in Business

Food Tank | 09/29/2015

The fall semester is in full swing and many students are enrolled in courses focused on food and agriculture. It takes more than a good idea to create a successful food company.
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You Can Now Take Food Business Classes Online

Modern Farmer | 09/10/2015

The Food Business School, operated by the Culinary Institute of America, is the world's first business school to focus exclusively on all things food. Now, you can finally take online courses.
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Small Food Brands, Big Successes

New York Times | 08/24/2015

New companies are flourishing as shoppers reach for products that tout themselves as novel, local, rarefied or containing better ingredients.
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Will Rosenzweig on Food-Based Businesses

Yahoo! Small Business Advisor | 08/21/2015

FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig gives expert advice about entering the food industry and how new ventures can succeed.
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Why a culinary school decided to bridge business and education

Washington Post | 07/23/2015

Food safety, waste and climate change may not be on the mind of your average diner, but in the food industry, they are the most pressing issues of our day.
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How foodpreneurs are reinventing your kid’s school lunch

Fortune | 06/19/2015

The future of food is not engineered to guarantee a quick meal. Rather, its authentic, natural and sustainably grown.
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Culinary School Aims to Be ‘MIT of the Food World’

The Wall Street Journal | 03/19/2015

Culinary Institute of America aims to straddle worlds of the academy and the kitchen; reaction has been ‘raised eyebrows on both sides’.
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How the Food Business School is transforming the menu of possibilities

GreenBiz | 03/16/2015

As concerns grow globally over the health, social and environmental impacts of food, the moment is ripe to turn these challenges into business opportunities.
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Want to learn the restaurant biz from a Food Network chef? Now there’s a school for that

Upstart Business Journal | 02/26/2015

The Culinary Institute of America is launching a school in the Bay Area that's solely focused on the business of food.
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If You Want to Learn the Business Of Food, the CIA Wants You

National Geographic | 02/25/2015

Today, the CIA is announcing the opening of its new branch the Food Business School, with offerings both online and in Napa Valley, California.
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World’s First Business School for Food Entrepreneurship and Innovation Launches!

Foodtank | 02/25/2015

The Food Business School, part of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), launches as the world’s first business school for food entrepreneurship and innovation.
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If everyone wants to be a celebrity chef, who will work in restaurants?

The Globe and Mail | 01/27/2015

Culinary students now see themselves as pursuing a vocation, not signing up for something vocational. They want to change the world, and are far better equipped to do so than previous generations.
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A New Approach to Food Startup Branding + More

Food+Tech | 11/20/2014

From a roundup of 5 helpful insights from food startup founders to the launch of a brand new food business school, these are last week’s top food tech news stories.
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Culinary Institute’s School For ‘Foodpreneurs’ To Cook Up Innovation

NPR | 11/17/2014

Recognizing the potential to help chefs pursue entrepreneurial goals, the CIA is launching its own business school.
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Are You A Food Innovator? Skip Wharton; Try This New B-School

Forbes | 11/10/2014

Say hello to the Food Business School (FBS), a Culinary Institute creation aimed both at emerging entrepreneurs and established managers wanting to touch up their skills.
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