Caleb Harper

Open Agriculture Initiative, MIT Media Lab

Caleb Harper is the Principal Investigator and Director of the Open Agriculture (OpenAG) Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. He leads a diverse group of engineers, architects and scientists in the exploration and development of future food systems. Caleb’s research focuses in the areas of control environment design, actuated sensing, control automation and data‐driven resource, energy and biologic optimization. His group is developing an open‐source agricultural hardware, software and data common with the goal of creating a more agile, transparent and collaborative food system.

Caleb is a National Geographic Explorer and a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) New Vision for Agriculture Transformation Leaders Network. His work has been featured by TIME, WIRED, The Economist, IEEE, World Urban Forum (WUF), USAID and TED.

Prior to joining the Media Lab in 2011, Caleb worked professionally as an Architect designing and developing data centers, health care and semi‐conductor fabrication facilities. Additionally he has consulted with multiple international development agencies including USAID, World Bank, Inter‐American Development Bank and the Delhi Development Authority on high‐density urban development projects.

Courses, Events & Writings

2015 Emerging Explorers

Reinventing Our Food Future With Urban Farms: Say the word "agriculture" and we imagine fields of wheat or strawberries ripening in the sun. But for Caleb Harper, a research scientist at MIT's Media Lab, the future of agriculture lies in urban farms, where plants will be grown in controlled environments close to consumers.

Caleb Harper shares his vision of "food computers" and farming in the future.