discover what’s driving the new food economy

discover what’s driving the new food economy

The FOODBIZ+ series is a monthly program of online conversations between the FBS host and food industry experts exploring the latest opportunities—and threats—in food business.

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Robert Johnson, Ph.D., Professor, Liberal Arts/Applied Food Studies Dept., the CIA at Hyde Park, sits down with FBS host, Andi Sciacca to discuss how food leaders are making informed and ethically-minded decisions when faced with today’s complex challenges and risks inherent to the food system.


Chris Cornyn, Chief Innovation Officer of BEFORE Brands, sits down with FBS host, Cathy Jorin to discuss how food innovation has accelerated and shifted, and why a 'holistic approach' is pivotal to the success of brands and what new rules apply.


Helene York, Global Director, Responsible Business, Compass Group at Google, sits down with FBS host, Andi Sciacca to discuss how today’s food business' are building sustainable supply chains that are both competitive and address some of our most pressing food system issues, including food waste, GMOs, and more.

David Lee: CLIMATE

David Lee, COO and CFO of Impossible Foods, shares how the success of Impossible Foods new plant-based food products begins with an innovative approach to selling it to consumers--as well as how they are creating a revolutionary product that tastes great and positively impacts climate and sustainability--with FBS host Will Rosenzweig.


Megan Mokri, founder and CEO of Byte, shares how she is creating a new kind of food company that combines smart technology, healthy food, and a grab ‘n go retail experience in the workplace with host FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig.


Sheryl O'Loughlin, serial entrepreneur and the CEO of REBBL, and former CEO of Clif Bar and co-founder and CEO of Plum Organics, discusses how she has launched and grown food businesses, while making the sacrifices and riding the ups and downs of startup successes with host FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig.


Steve Case, a co-founder of American Online, and more recently, author of the bestselling book The Third Wave, discusses his vision for startups and what’s next for the Internet with host FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig.


Neil Grimmer, Founder and CEO of Habit and Co-Founder and former CEO of Plum Organics, shares how he is creating a new kind of company that combines personal nutrition, technology, and food delivery, as well as discusses his entrepreneurial journey in the food industry with host FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig.

Kristin Richmond: IMPACT

Kristin Richmond, Co-Founder and CEO of Revolution Foods, shares how she and her co-founder, Kirsten Tobey have created the leading food business platform for making nutritious meals accessible to families and schools. Listen-in as Richmond and FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig discuss how two moms built a company around delivering convenient, healthy foods to students and stores across the country.

Naomi Starkman: FOOD ACCESS

A Founder and the Editor-in-Chief of Civil Eats, Naomi Starkman shares her insight on how the food and media landscape is impacting consumer consciousness. Listen-in as Starkman and FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig discuss what role food and media are playing in the current call for systemic change throughout the food system.

Sam Kass: ACTION

Senior Food Analyst at NBC News, Chief Consumer Experience Officer at Innit, a food entrepreneur, and the former White House chef, Sam Kass shares his insights on how entrepreneurs, innovators, and stakeholders create transformative and meaningful changes and solutions throughout the food industry and among policymakers.

Jaspal Sandhu: EAT. THINK. DESIGN.

Founding Partner at the Gobee Group and Lecturer at UC Berkeley, Dr. Jaspal Sandhu shares his insights on how design thinking is applied to finding creative and innovative solutions to problems across the sectors of food, health, and agriculture. Tune in as Dr. Sandhu and FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig discuss how innovators and growth leaders use human-centered design to create business strategies, and product and service solutions in today's transforming food systems.

Sangita Forth & Sophie Egan: MISSION

CMO of Pique Tea and former CMO of Plum Organics, Sangita Forth, and Sophie Egan, best-selling author of Devoured, discuss how business leaders craft "authentic" brand strategies and raise consumer consciousness through "food identity" with FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig.


Acting Director of the Innovation Institute for Food and Health at UC Davis, Dr. Justin Siegel shares his latest scientific research and how he's applying technology and innovation to solving challenges throughout the food system. Listen-in as Dr. Siegel and FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig discuss why "digital" biology is playing an important role in the future of nutrition, health, and food.

Lisa Mosconi: ALZHEIMER'S

Founder and Director of the Nutrition & Brain Fitness Lab at NYU School of Medicine, Dr. Lisa Mosconi shares her latest scientific research on Alzheimer's and the role of nutrition and diet on brain health. Listen-in as Dr. Mosconi and FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig discuss why it's important for food innovators to apply discernment and perspective on scientific research and its accuracy.


Principal Investigator and Director of the Open Agriculture Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, Caleb Harper shares his vision of what farming and food business will look like in the future. Listen-in as Harper and FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig discuss how technology is changing the global food system and explore what impacts it may have on the food industry.


Eve Turow Paul is the author of A Taste of Generation Yum and the go-to expert on the high-value realm of millennials and food. Listen-in to the conversation between Paul and FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig as they discuss this powerful, food-obsessed generation and how they are influencing the food industry.

Bruce German: MICROBIOME

Professor Director, Foods for Health Institute at UC Davis, German shares insights into one of the leading trends in food science, the microbiome. Listen-in as German and FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig discuss the top developments in this important realm of food science and explore what impacts it may have on the food industry.


Helene York, world renowned food supply chain expert and Director of Responsible Business at Google's Compass Group, shares insights on the biggest supply chain disruptions of 2015. Topics include the wide-spread impact of California's Proposition 2, a new state law requiring that all egg-laying hens raised in California be able to stand up, lie down, turn around, and fully extend their wings.