Jaspal Sandhu

Professor, UC Berkeley; Founding Partner, Gobee Group

Jaspal S. Sandhu is founding partner at the Gobee Group, a firm that innovates for social impact globally. Currently his teams are creating a digital platform to improve the cost-effectiveness of HIV drug purchasing by African governments, bringing innovation to a multi-year campaign to end hunger in Alameda County, and building innovation capacity in the health care safety net across California. Gobee’s clients have included the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Vodafone, UNICEF, the Skoll Foundation, the Center for Care Innovations, Microsoft, the Alameda County Public Health Department, the Population Council, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Jaspal is a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, where he teaches graduate-level, interdisciplinary courses on the innovation process. In 2013, he developed Eat.Think.Design., a new course focused on the intersections of food, innovation, and health. He first taught the course in 2014 and is again teaching it in 2015. His writing on innovation has been featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, MIT Innovations, and Fast Company’s Co.Exist. Prior to Gobee, he worked with the Mongolian Ministry of Health on innovation in rural health systems as a Fulbright scholar in rural Mongolia, and for the Intel Corporation and the Nokia Research Center. He received his Ph.D. in design from the University of California, Berkeley, and his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in engineering from MIT.

Courses, Events & Writings

Measure early, measure often: rapid, real-time feedback in design for social innovation (PopTech)

Instead of a peer-reviewed publication, the endpoint of this measurement is demand creation: a product that people will want to use.

Solutions That Stick: Activating Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration in a Graduate-Level Public Health Innovations Course at the University of California, Berkeley (American Journal of Public Health)

We present the blueprints for our course with the hope that other institutions whose students could benefit will borrow from our model.

EAT.THINK.DESIGN. AT UC BERKELEY: Innovation as a Team Sport

Eat.Think.Design. course encourages students to use design thinking to explore creative solutions to problems dealing with food, nutrition, and agriculture.

Jaspal Sandhu discusses why passion matters in designing solutions to benefit society.