You Can Now Take Food Business Classes Online

Modern Farmer | Posted: 09/10/2015

The Food Business School, operated by the Culinary Institute of America, is the world’s first business school to focus exclusively on all things food. Now, you can finally take online courses.

The Culinary Institute of America is probably best known as one of the country’s finest schools for chefs; your city’s best restaurant probably has a few CIA grads in the kitchen. But earlier this year, the CIA opened up the Food Business School, or FBS, which CIA claims is the first business school dedicated to food in the world. (We can’t find another one, so we’ll let them say it.) Classes are typically held at the school’s satellite campus in Napa Valley, California, but today there’s something special open to everyone.

Today, at 5:00 pm, you can tune into an interactive open house—the 2015 equivalent, we suppose, of taking a college tour. The open house will tell prospective online students about the two inaugural online classes being offered this fall: Food Venture Formation & Financing and Ethical Leadership in Food Business. Both begin in the fall, with the goal of helping students figure out how to start and run food businesses. The former class, for example, “pairs students with seasoned food industry lawyers to establish the solid legal and financial foundation required to build a scalable and sustainable business.”

As small food-oriented businesses attract new interest from everyone from Silicon Valley to cricket-obsessed Harvard grads, it makes sense that the premiere food education institute in the country would want to figure out the business angle. Both courses last five weeks and cost $450 per person.

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Photo Credit: Daniel Hartwig, Flickr